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Write Your (own) Headline


Story: Capital, Story: Currency

Checking out my Storyteller Uprising book

More Obi-Wan than Luke? My methodology for guiding the next generation

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My high tech/fashion checklist for high stakes performances


Geek Heresy! Our 2015/16 Common Book, my new show and why I got an e-bike


“Tell the story you want to tell”: my 2-minute graduation speech

Riverton City Dump, Jamaica

My greatest storytelling challenge yet: overcoming the tragedy of the commons

MS Hosting

How to command the stage (and enjoy it): a three-point checklist

Artwork by Abi Losli

Here’s the advice I gave to over 1,000 millennials at TEDx Oregon State (update: now with video)


Success through professional self-destruction and why I drop the mic: my TED talk preview

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Wearables, hearables and facing my physical reality through technology

NY Times Front Page blog post

How the New York Times’ dead tree A1 reflects my connected world right now

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My Tableau Conference slides: No, Really, This is the “Communication Age.”

Gates Clock and Seattle Book 1

“If there’s a crucible in Seattle for new innovations in storytelling, it’s the UW’s Communication Leadership program”

Nairobi Boarding Pass

Because it’s a “Communication First” world (and why my latest keynote begins with when I chartered a 737 for $70,000)


The face behind the mask of technology: Kraftwerk comes to Seattle


Dystopia vs. the Braintrust: Tech’s literal choice


iBeacons in the darkness and why museums mean so much to this storyteller

A ukelele among larger brethren

A need to pivot. My four lessons

At Microsoft Hosting Summit with Vivotab Note 8

So an iPad Mini, a Galaxy Note 3 and a Vivotab Note 8 walk into an event…(now what about Office for iPad?)


Learning and work are becoming inseparable in the knowledge economy: what it means for professionals

Victory Parade. Courtesty Josh Trujillo, SeattlePI.com

I’m “stealing the microphone:” my three chances to spread some Seattle-inspired gospel this month


How I exercised my “licence-to-ignore” downtime on post-pc storytelling: content creation consequences

Enshrined in a museum's video exhibit

This year, my expanded focus on innovation begins with CES 2014

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TL;DR? My three imperatives to tell the story in 2014


Why I finally decided upon America by settling in Seattle: across the Great Divide

My visit to Facebook

10 new tech-related thoughts I must share after my trip to San Francisco


Behind the scenes with various world changing luminaries…and me!

HRH standup MOHAI outside opening

How two keynote presentations now define my “career”

Hanson Hosein with Jeff Bezos and MOHAI Director Leonard Garfield. All rights reserved HRH Media

Terms of Engagement: How we connected to Bezos, Schultz, Martinez et. al.