Storytelling needs a social infrastructure

An empty freeway through the heart of Tel Aviv, Yom Kippur 1998 (taken from my bicycle -- Hanson Hosein)

Don’t forget to write


What happened? The role of traditional and social media in the 2016 election


Vital Signs: the enduring imperative of “let’s do lunch” (despite the internets)


“Saltwater cures everything:” My opening narrative at the Ocean Symposium

Hanson Gas Works

My story solution to fend off a poorer, meaner, hotter world

Hanson Goodwill

Write Your (own) Headline


Story: Capital, Story: Currency

Checking out my Storyteller Uprising book

More Obi-Wan than Luke? My methodology for guiding the next generation

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My high tech/fashion checklist for high stakes performances


Geek Heresy! Our 2015/16 Common Book, my new show and why I got an e-bike


“Tell the story you want to tell”: my 2-minute graduation speech

Riverton City Dump, Jamaica

My greatest storytelling challenge yet: overcoming the tragedy of the commons

MS Hosting

How to command the stage (and enjoy it): a three-point checklist

Artwork by Abi Losli

Here’s the advice I gave to over 1,000 millennials at TEDx Oregon State (update: now with video)


Success through professional self-destruction and why I drop the mic: my TED talk preview

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Wearables, hearables and facing my physical reality through technology

NY Times Front Page blog post

How the New York Times’ dead tree A1 reflects my connected world right now

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My Tableau Conference slides: No, Really, This is the “Communication Age.”

Gates Clock and Seattle Book 1

“If there’s a crucible in Seattle for new innovations in storytelling, it’s the UW’s Communication Leadership program”

Nairobi Boarding Pass

Because it’s a “Communication First” world (and why my latest keynote begins with when I chartered a 737 for $70,000)


The face behind the mask of technology: Kraftwerk comes to Seattle


Dystopia vs. the Braintrust: Tech’s literal choice


iBeacons in the darkness and why museums mean so much to this storyteller

A ukelele among larger brethren

A need to pivot. My four lessons

At Microsoft Hosting Summit with Vivotab Note 8

So an iPad Mini, a Galaxy Note 3 and a Vivotab Note 8 walk into an event…(now what about Office for iPad?)


Learning and work are becoming inseparable in the knowledge economy: what it means for professionals

Victory Parade. Courtesty Josh Trujillo, SeattlePI.com

I’m “stealing the microphone:” my three chances to spread some Seattle-inspired gospel this month


How I exercised my “licence-to-ignore” downtime on post-pc storytelling: content creation consequences

Enshrined in a museum's video exhibit

This year, my expanded focus on innovation begins with CES 2014