The Book: Storyteller Uprising

“Storyteller Uprising: Trust & Persuasion in the Digital Age” by Hanson R. Hosein

With the decline of traditional journalism, there’s an increased need for trusted information. This presents a huge opportunity to individuals, communities, companies and organizations. They can fill that void by telling their own multimedia stories and creating their own channels of distribution — thereby serving as trusted sources in their own right. That’s the “uprising” — people seizing control of communication by building ongoing credible connection through story and digital technology. Storyteller Uprising explains why this is now possible, and why you should harness the power of story in your own communication endeavors.

“A must-read for anyone trying to understand the changing world around us, especially anyone who’s got an idea, product or service to sell–which is anyone in any kind of business.” — Sree Sreenivasan, CNET (and Chief Digital Officer of Columbia University) “How to profit from the social media Storyteller Uprising

“For anyone interested in media and how it’s being transformed by social media and the digital age, this is a must read. It will also give you unique perspective and things to think about, only possible from someone like Hanson Hosein who has such a fascinating background in traditional media, new media and also academia. It’s an easy read with important points on storytelling, how it’s changed due to technology but also how it’s stayed the same.” — Craig Kanalley, Senior Editor Huffington Post, “Great Read — review

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