The Title

I’ve wrestled with this — a lot.  Originally, I had tied it to my films, and called it “Independent America: Why Storytelling Matters More Than Ever in the Networked Age.”  But as I began to publicly explain how the digital revolution has rendered once scarce, information now more abundant than ever, with credibility was in ever-shorter supply — I realized that I could narrow it down to two words: “trust me.”

As in: Trust Me: How to Tell Stories in a Credibility Crisis; Trust in Story: Credibility through Community in the Networked Age; Trust Me: Storytelling, Credibility and Community in the Networked Age.

Then I saw that all the good “Trust Me” URL’s were taken.  So I started to get clever and got fixated on “In Story We Trust.”  Thus…In Story We Trust: Persuasion in the Digital Age; or In Story We Trust: Credibility as Currency in the Digital Age; In Story We Trust: The Currency of Credibility in 21st Century Communication; In Story We Trust: Valuing Credibility in a Networked World; In Story We Trust: The High Currency of Credibility in a Networked World.

But my wife kept telling me how direct and universally understandable “Trust Me” was.  Consequently, I have returned to the tried and true.  So for now, it’s Trust Me: The Social Power of Storytelling in the Digital Age.

Ok.  Let me have it.