A new model for storytelling: transmedia

Terrific insights on Media Space TV from transmedia storytelling (a.k.a. “multiplatform storytelling”) guru Brent Friedman, the importance of gaming, and how the Pacific Northwest has the right technological infrastructure to support this form of narrative.

Also watch the Four Peaks salon that followed on net neutrality here.


  1. The issue of multi-platform storytelling was a fascinating one to delve into with Brent Friedman. I enjoyed the Valemont analysis and wonder when can this happen again: using TV episode snippet to send to webisode series… Also, we’d want to look at whether one can monetize the webisodes effectively in order to warrant that space as the desired platform. What makes a platform desirable? For me, monetization is key. I’d love to have a series that I could watch on my mobile in 5-minute snippets. I’d be willing to watch an ad for every 3 segments of those 5 minutes, or even every 2 segments. Instead of checking my Facebook news feed or Twitter feed, I’d avidly tune into a story available on my mobile device.
    Why hasn’t someone done this already? Perhaps the next venture for EFE…

  2. I’ve been doing a pretty deep dive into multi-platform and companion experiences in the past several months. I believe the concept has tremendous promise and creative people like Brent are on the cusp of what will be commonplace and expected for consumers in just a few years. Through my research and understanding, I can tell that there will be a lot of stumbling and missteps along the way. No one has a firm grasp on how to set any sort of gold standard yet.

    Young people are already adept at using multiple screens at once but I think one key to success will be guiding their focus to the right screen at the right time. Because people don’t know what they want from multi-platform and companies have to commit to building the infrastructure, there will be a lot of failures along the way. In light of these failures, it will take even more conviction for artists to stay committed to their vision.

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