Seattle Voices: Hanson Hosein on storytelling and the MCDM

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  1. Three most memorable moments are (1) Hanson’s referring to MCDM’s “constantly evolving” curriculum as “breaking news”; (2) host Eric Liu’s likening of Four Peaks to “South By Southwest for the Northwest”; and one of the most insightful Q&A exchanges in our MCDM experience:

    Q: “How do you teach people how to listen [to a story]?”
    A: “YOU have to listen first to be a good storyteller.”


    This half hour, highlighted too by your “dark night of the soul” memory, qualifies as a solid biography dating back to your leaving undergrad early for your three law degrees. It would be an appropriate introductory video to post for prospective cohorts just checking out the program before formally applying.

    Understanding this wasn’t the goal, it does appear to be an obvious, unintended benefit. As a sidelight, I’m very impressed with Liu’s going wire to wire without so much as an index card on the table. A very relaxing interview.

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