Here’s the video from the compelling panel that I hosted at the Microsoft Imagine Marketing Leadership Summit.  Panelists included Lili Cheng from Microsoft FUSE Labs, NYU’s Dalton Conley (author of Elsewhere, USA) and cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito.  Of course we agreed that it wasn’t as bad as the somewhat polemic session title indicated, “It’s not the screen that matters, it’s what’s happening on the screen and how it integrates in the rest of the kid’s life.” Ito adroitly pointed out.  When does it become real?  The key for storytellers as communicators (marketers, journalists, publicists) is to figure out when that integration into the “real” happens and deliver something meaningful and relevant that inspires action.  Yup, Return on Investment

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Technology? from Hanson Hosein on Vimeo.

An invigorating panel that I moderated at the 2011 Microsoft Imagine Marketing Summit.