Book clubs and morning shows

That’s me bleary-eyed and bearded at 7:30 a.m. on the set of KING5 Morning News in Seattle.  Anchor Brad Goode featured my book this morning (a) because he likes it; (b) because like me, he’s about to start his own uprising.  This is his last week on the job at KING, as he joins the ranks of independent content creators and strategists.  It’s an informative 5-minute segment, watch it here (I wish KING used an easier-to-embed Flash player — it’s too painful to get into WordPress).

Last night, I appeared at the Projectline Book Club, where I subjected myself to some very insightful questioning.  I learned that featuring my book led to a couple of “firsts” for the Club: the first time an author had attended a meeting, and the first time they had met to discuss the book without anyone having to actually bring the physical book to the gathering.  Indeed, my unusual distribution strategy (free PDF, Kindle, Nook, iOS, physical book only presently available via the UW Bookstore) led to unusual consumption behavior within the group.


– 3 read the PDF.

– 1 read it off the website.

– 2 read it off their cellphone screens via the Kindle App (1 Android, 1 iPhone).

– 3 read it on their Kindles.

– 1 printed it out and read it!

I do so love disruption.  Next week, I’m giving a keynote talk at the Foster School of Business.  They’ve already purchased copies of the book for the event.  Further into the frying pan…at some point I’ll write that next chapter.  Maybe I should have subtitled it “The Never Ending Story.”