Is that a fridge in your pocket? CES gee whiz

Smart home technology

Here’s a really compelling show-and-tell on how mobile technology is integrating into our home appliances.  Through your cellphone and this fridge, you can manage your groceries, use it as a remote bulletin board, operate your washer and dryer, and even stream video from your TV set.  We’re going to see the Android mobile OS in a lot more devices…

[another very cool new device: the Striive pocket trainer — using gamification, altruism and really excellent UI to get you fit.  Already on Amazon, in BestBuy stores this week.  We ran into one of the co-founders who said that the successful behavior change and fitness is ultimately about….storytelling!]


  1. memo to my fridge: I’d like to have Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and then some Chorizo/veggie stuffed bell peppers and for dessert some oatmeal cakes w/broiled coconut topping….looks like all I get is celery, Tom Collins mix and yogurt.

  2. The whole concept of using your fridge as a family communication hub seems really odd at first… but then it just makes sense. What object in a house is more commonly visited than a fridge? Well, we do know of one that’s visited more often, but no one wants to interactive with a device on the throne! The fridge really is a logical place to communicate with the family. My favorite feature is the inventory-based recipe search, it leads me to believe fridge’s will be equipped within a couple decades with scanners to actually identify your foods for you automatically without having to input any data at all. That will truly be futuristic, very ‘Tron.’

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