How content inspires participation: Four Peaks TV episode

A new episode of Four Peaks, and particularly specific to the premise of Storyteller Uprising (as I conclude in my commentary).

Gaming. Music. Movies. The Pacific Northwest has become a hotbed for compelling entertainment. But this content is so much more than just play: some of our region’s creative leaders have identified its ability to transform the way that we learn, lead and conduct business as it transforms passive audience members into active community participants. Gaming pioneer Jordan Weisman and award-winning Latina and Latino American curator, Michelle Habell-Pallan,  explain how they’ve engendered this transformation. We also explore how this participatory mindset can give the Pacific Northwest a competitive advantage over other parts of the world, such as Hollywood, New York or Mumbai.

First I interviewed Jordan on how he went from being one of the first players of Dungeons & Dragons to being the guy who helped bring story to video games.

Then I chatted with Michelle on how it’s so important to curate the right stories (and community) when it comes to content such as the influence of Latinos in rock & roll.

But the best part of the show is when we put our two thought leaders together: