Tech gifts not to miss: screens, screens everywhere!

Ah, my monthly opportunity to use the latest gadgets to promote my graduate program (and Four Peaks TV program). I did two separate segments today with KING 5 (which also syndicates Four Peaks on NWCN every weekend): one for Evening Magazine, the other with my friend Margaret Larson for New Day Northwest. You can watch the video below for the latter.

In brief:

iPad Mini: beautiful device, nice access to the iOS ecosystem; I’m using it more than the regular iPad (retina). Lousy screen for web browsing. Overpriced ($329)

Kindle Fire HD 7: much better screen than the iPad Mini, feels good in the hand; kids only “Freetime” seems like a good idea. Cheaper than the iPad Mini ($199), but it’s a portal into buying more stuff from Amazon. Limited App store.

Kindle Paperwhite: cheap ($119), small, useful. More ads. Some backlight bleed at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: phone: best phone I’ve ever used. Big, beautiful, useful. LTE is nice. My first carrier phone. So far, not too painful on AT&T.

Nokia Lumia 920: Windows Phone is an elegant mobile OS, and a delight to use. Too bad about the lack of some crucial apps (for me). Good camera. If you’re not too worried about apps, just use Facebook, Twitter, browser and camera, this is a really good alternative to iPhone/Galaxy S3.

(thanks to Kustaa Mansfield for loaning me the North Face ETIP gloves; Ashley-Rose O’Mara for the photo above)