NY Times

All those rich TV sports deals may finally make cable so expensive that we’ll see more demands for a la carte subscriptions. It’s one reason why I cut the cord years ago. I’m indifferent to sports, and I refuse to subsidize media that holds no value for me. I’ll just watch those Super Bowl ads with my over-the-air rabbit ears.

Read the New York Times article. Revealing quote:

The eye-popping price tags have restarted debate about a topic near and dear to sports fans, fairness: many TV customers never watch the mightily expensive channels at all, yet almost all must pay. There was a shudder in the industry when John Malone, the business tycoon who helped create the modern-day cable system, said in November that “runaway sports rights” costs amounted to “a high tax on a lot of households that don’t have a lot of interest in sports.” The only short-term fix, he said, was government intervention.