Mobilize innovation, reimagine agency!

This storyteller and educator has spent the past two decades exploring the dynamic between humanity and technology.

Six years ago, I recalibrated my graduate program from an almost-exclusive focus on the wonders of digital media to a “people first” emphasis on the relational currency of trust and collective action — with tech in a supporting-role, not a starring one.

We urgently need to push this premise further. Too often, technology happens TO us, rather than WITH us. It’s a massive power imbalance only exacerbated by the pandemic. So, I’ve chosen to address this with co-principals Nandini Ranganathan and Shankar Narayan in a new community-centric initiative, MIRA! Mobilize Innovation, Reimagine Agency!

Through MIRA! we will promote learning, research and advocacy so that communities can engage (“mobilize”) with tech systems (“innovation”) from the outset — as partners and as stakeholders. In this way, we can have more of a say (“reimagine”) in how (“agency”) technology is created and deployed.

In a democracy, we need to exercise the terms of our social contract within trusted spaces, so that we can all help shape our future. We’re launching our website today, and will host community conversations beginning September 11, 2020.

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