Make sense of forces beyond our control

As leaders, how do we make sense of forces increasingly beyond our control, to the benefit of those we serve?

I’ve spent the last year considering this challenge. It has led to this 16-point framework (which amazingly adds up to exactly 10,000 words).

  1. Be powerless
  2. Look for signals
  3. Be curious
  4. Connect with friction
  5. Inquire with purpose
  6. Synthesize for clarity
  7. Diversify our energy
  8. Declare our values
  9. Find the narrative
  10. Surrender to the moment
  11. Maintain awareness
  12. Adapt to new circumstances
  13. Do not be boring
  14. Muster our tools
  15. Anticipate anxieties
  16. Be true and transparent

This document originated from how I engage on-camera, on-stage, and in the classroom. I believe we must all re-imagine our own leadership methods to chart a very new (and different) near-future.

I will implement this “real-time” ethos imminently, with a live learning studio to support it — as I engage with leaders everywhere and anywhere.

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