Ready for prime time: new cover, new channels

The “book-in-progress” has progressed so far and so well (thanks to continued inspiration, feedback, keynote talks, workshops, friendly proofreaders) that it’s ready for wider distribution. has approved it for sale, and its detail page is imminent [Update, it’s now available, but they’ve yet to include the cover art nor link it to the Kindle edition].  You can buy the printed book now either through Amazon’s CreateSpace e-store or directly from the University of Washington bookstore.  As always, it remains available as an e-book for the Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone, and Sony e-readers.

I commissioned Monster Design to create a new cover in reflection of the growing demand for the physical, dead-tree edition of the book.  I’m thrilled with what Theresa Stone (who happens to be a former student of mine) has developed.  It comprises a mosaic of photographs from the stories that I have told or covered as a filmmaker and journalist — from NBC in NYC and the Middle East, to Independent America in New Orleans and rural America, to the deck of an aircraft carrier and China.

Philosophically, I still believe that part of the “uprising” is to make works such as this book readily available to the public.  So I remain committed to making the free PDF of “Uprising” available for non-commercial use (it has a Creative Commons license).  This is also practically useful until I find the means to create an enhanced, multimedia e-book edition: the PDF gives easy access to the URL’s in Storyteller Uprising.