Chunkable storytelling

Hey my attention span is stretched too.  It’s pretty obvious that we’ve become a society of grazers now that we’re faced with so MUCH content, so many pathways to access that content, but limited personal bandwidth.

I purposefully kept my book tight (it’s less than 150 pages, if you want more detail, ask me, attend a keynote, apply to the MCDM or just do a search!).  It was also iterative, starting out last year as a mere two chapters, extended now to twenty-seven.

But somehow I host an HOUR-long TV show that does well in the broadcast medium, but isn’t particularly conducive to easy online “grazing.”  So we’re now “chunking” out the segments so that people can get what they want, when they want.  I’ve even added a short “Media Space” commentary (named after last year’s series) to our upcoming February show as one more chunkable element for online — another way to use content to engage a particular set of people, and establish a relationship of trust and persuasion.

Meanwhile, I’ve embedded the “chunks” from our current show on designing leadership in the 21st century.