People in my neighborhood: Canal St. Coffee

I have several “remote offices.”  One that I haven’t used in a while is Canal Street Coffee, in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  But on this day of meetings, it’s where I started.  First I met with Mariana Llamas Cendon, who was in my Narratives & Networks class last quarter (for a great “behind the scenes on that class, check out this recent blog post).  Mariana was born in Mexico, and has spent much time in California as a journalist (TV and print).  She’s making a bold transformation into digital, which is why she’s in my program.  We were brainstorming career paths.

After that, I met with Scott Macklin and Anita Verna Crofts — our MCDM leadership team.  We meet once a week, usually on campus, to confer on the program’s latest triumphs, challenges and more mundane developments.  We debriefed on Anita’s amazing expedition to the South Carolina primary, and how our program might engage more of our students in ongoing election coverage.  We debriefed on last Sunday’s MCDM Town Hall with our current students, then talked about next steps for a budding partnership with Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara.

I then biked downtown to Weber Shandwick, which had provided the outreach and strategic support for our trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  I forgot to pull out my camera on that one, so here’s an image that we took near the end of the show.  Amy, Katie and Matt revealed that we had received 9 million “impressions” from all of our media coverage, which sounds pretty impressive.  I’d be pleased if it translated into 9 million applicants to our program next year!  Weber also cited my analysis on their own site.

By the time I had biked to campus to meet with Andy Boyer from the Foster School for Business, I was too tired to remember that I was taking photos of everyone I was meeting with that day.  So I’ll commit to memory that we’re going to collaborate soon on some sort of entrepreneurship curriculum between the MCDM and the Business School