Four Peaks TV grand finale: Hacking Edu

Watch now in HD on UWTV (and embedded below) our final Four Peaks show for the season.  As we move away from an industrialized, hierarchical model to a more nimble, collaborative one, how do we need to learn? What are we willing to pay for?  What are the essential skills of a 21st century workforce?  What emerging trends are already disrupting the traditional model of lecture-based degree programs.

The four guests included a mix of higher education leaders and educators whose work is transforming the educational experience from the community upward. Jean Floten, chancellor of the all-online Western Governors University spoke to me first.  She was followed by fellow education innovator, Zoran Popovic, UW professor of computer science and director of the Center of Game Science.  I also explored employers’ needs for graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through Chief Development Office for Washington STEM, Ruby Smith Love, who works to bridge education and industry relationships.  Finally, Def Jam poet and arts-based curriculum developer Marc Gonzales spoke to how nurturing learners’ creativity while in college is just as important as vocational skills.