Internet Week in New York City, Startup City?

We’ve just arrived in New York for Internet Week. Certainly, it’ll be a fruitful time for us: an MCDM booth at Startup City, a Happy Hour (already near capacity) in collaboration with Shauna Causey and, and a tonload of friend-raising on behalf of our graduate program and just-announced Four Peaks Executive Program (June 12, Seattle).

But in a way, New York City is quickly becoming the tech world’s center of gravity. A recent study identified it as the fastest growing tech hub in the country (and second only in importance to Silicon Valley). Mashable calls it a tech startup paradise, thanks to a combination of once-employed Wall Street developers seeking refuge from the financial sector collapse and smart guidance from local government. And of course, all eyes will be on Wall Street this week with the Facebook IPO (I’ll report live on this for Seattle’s KOMO morning news show).